Supporting Schools

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How does DPS help schools reach their goals?

Tiered Support Framework
The Tiered Support Framework helps DPS strengthen our district-run and innovation schools by investing the people, time and resources that all schools need to succeed.

We want the process of prioritizing support to be consistent and transparent, so we base our levels of support – called tiers – on school performance data. The schools with the biggest challenges receive the most intensive support to help them meet their extraordinary needs. When supporting schools, we give principals the flexibility to choose what works best for their school community.

Tiered Quality Assurance
Charter schools are independently-operated public schools. For charter schools that need support to meet district expectations, DPS has the Tiered Quality Assurance process, which is designed to help charter schools improve while still honoring their independence from the district.

As with district-run schools, charter schools with the most challenges receive increased support through the Tiered Quality Assurance process. DPS primarily supports charter schools by building the capacity of their school leaders and school boards to improve a school’s program in alignment with its mission.

Our Core Beliefs

What are the principles of the Tiered Support Framework?

In DPS, we believe that all schools need a strong foundation of support in order to be successful, more support should go to the schools with the highest needs, and all supports should be designed with the unique circumstances of each school in mind.

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Identifying, Supporting and Monitoring Schools

How does DPS help schools thrive?

The district uses a three-step process to provide the right level of support to schools. By the end of September each year, we identify what level of supports schools need (Universal, Strategic or Intensive) based on their performance data and other information. Next, we provide a range of services and/or resources based on their level of need. Then, we monitor progress to see if the supports are helping the school work toward continuous improvement.

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Supports by School

What level of support does my school receive?

In the Tiered Support Framework, all schools receive the Universal level of support to ensure they have a strong foundation. Schools in the Strategic tier build on that foundation with specific approaches that are designed to help each school meet its improvement plan goals. In the Intensive tier, schools are given an additional layer of support and resources to help them make the dramatic changes their students need to succeed.

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