Checking School Progress


How do we know if schools are succeeding?

School performance evaluation and progress monitoring

Just as our teachers do in their classrooms, the district relies on regular progress monitoring to determine how well schools are performing and how to help them reach their potential. DPS uses a variety of tools to make sure schools are on track for increasing student academic achievement.

School Performance Framework

What is the School Performance Framework?

The School Performance Framework (SPF) is a report card for your school, rating how well the school supports student growth and achievement and how well it serves students and families. The SPF provides essential feedback for a school, helping it to focus on its strengths and make progress in key areas where improvement is needed.

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School Quality Reviews

What is a School Quality Review?

School Quality Reviews are an opportunity for skilled observers to spend time in classrooms gathering qualitative information about the school. We have used these reviews for several years to help us design our overall school improvement strategies and provide constructive feedback that schools can use to gauge their progress.

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