Holding Ourselves Accountable

Great Schools in every neighborhood

What does accountability mean in DPS?

Accountability is one of the district’s shared core values, which means it lives at the heart of all of our work. In DPS, we take responsibility for our individual and collective commitments. We grow from our successes and learn from our failures as we strive for continuous improvement.

What happens if schools persistently receive low performance ratings?
When schools do not meet expectations for academic growth and achievement on the School Performance Framework, DPS provides intensive support to help them get back on track. If schools are still not able to show improvement after significant support efforts over time, we believe that the students served by these schools deserve a major change in their learning environment. In this situation, a restart or closure may be needed to give students their best opportunity for success.

Doing right by our students

The School Performance Compact, which went into effect in fall 2016, sets out a clear process for how DPS will identify the most persistently low-performing schools. The Denver Board of Education uses the policy to decide if the identified schools must be restarted, or in rare cases, closed. The process is objectively and consistently applied across all schools, both district-run and charter.

DPS considers two key aspects of school performance:

  • Historical school performance measured by the School Performance Framework
  • Academic growth in the most recent year

This policy helps DPS balance the urgent need to do right by our students with the understanding that change takes time. We make sure schools have the time and support they need to improve, while holding ourselves accountable for the success of every child.