For Every Student, in Every Community

Great Schools in Every Neighborhood

Students and families thrive when they have high-quality schools. DPS is committed to dramatically increasing the quality of schools available in every neighborhood to ensure that every student in every community throughout the district has access to great schools. That’s why our top Denver Plan goal is to have at least 80% of DPS students attending a high-performing school by 2020, measured by region using the district’s School Performance Framework.

How will we reach this goal? We believe that schools need to be supported, evaluated and held accountable for their results. We also believe in embracing innovative new schools instead of a one-size-fits-all approach. We are committed to creating an equitable and inclusive environment that fosters the growth of our students, and to closing the opportunity gap for African American and Latino students.

Throughout this site, we invite you to learn more about how DPS is living out these beliefs in order to help every child succeed.

great schools in every neighborhood: Checking Progress, Supporting Schools, Holding Ourselves Accountable, Starting New Schools, and Matching Schools with Communities.

Helping Every Child Succeed

How do we know if schools are succeeding?

Checking School Progress

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How does DPS help schools reach their goals?

Supporting Schools

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What happens if schools persistently receive low performance ratings?

Holding Ourselves Accountable

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Why are new schools needed in Denver?

Starting New Schools

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How does DPS use district facilities to best serve our students?

Matching Schools with Communities

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How can I choose a great school for my child?


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